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10 Reasons to Smile

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10 Reasons to Smile

It’s Monday morning, you’re feeling bleak. But as you walk down the road, you catch someone’s eye and smile. They smile back. Suddenly, the world seems a better place.

That’s right: smiling is so much more than just lifting the corners of your mouth and crinkling your eyes. It has benefits that we hardly even think about. Let’s look at how smiling improves your life, and brightens up the world for others. Your trusted dentist in Surrey, BC presents:

10 reasons to smile!

Perfect Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

1. Convince your brain that you’re happy

It seems that your brain and your smile are linked in a feedback loop. You smile when you feel happy – and when you smile – even when it’s a forced smile, you suddenly feel a whole lot better than you did before. Give it a try and discover how ‘fake it till you make it’ applies to your mood. Who doesn’t want to feel happy?

2. Spread the sunshine

Psychology Today reports that the mood boosting effects of a smile really are contagious. In a study, participants were asked to frown at a picture of a smiling person. Instead, they tended to smile back, and had to force themselves to scowl. When you smile at someone else, their instinctive reaction is to smile back. You feel good, and they feel good. So use that smile to light up the world around you!

3. Relieve your stress

We’re bombarded with information about the negative effects of stress. We know that it makes us prone to physical and mental disorders, we know that it shortens our lives – and that information doesn’t seem particularly useful, after all, now we have cause to stress about stress! But you can laugh (or smile) it off! When you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides that stimulate the release of all the feel-good, relaxed hormones you need to combat stress.

4. You look great!

Fact: people are attracted to happy, smiling faces. Think about it. When you see someone looking angry, tense or upset, they’re not exactly looking their best, are they? When do they look their best? With a smile on their dial, that’s when! The same applies to you. You don’t smile because you feel ashamed of your teeth? Cosmetic dentistry is more advanced than ever and can help you achieve a smile of your dreams in just couple of weeks! Visit your local cosmetic dentist and learn how you can enhance your smile!

5. You must have a nice personality

Our smiles affect more than just how good people think we look – it also influences how good they think we are. People who smile are perceived to be relaxed, in control, trustworthy and generally pleasant. Why not rock that smile? It could work wonders for your relationships and even your career.

6. Boost your immune system

Because smiling releases feel-good hormones and connects us with other people, it also stimulates our immune systems. Research has shown that when we feel isolated and alone, we’re more prone to inflammatory diseases like diabetes and cancer. But smiling connects us with those around us.

7. Lower your blood pressure

Once again, it’s all about allowing our smiles to help us feel good. Try a home experiment with a blood pressure meter and your smile. You may be surprised at the result!

8. Improve your career prospects

Obviously, you don’t want to be the office clown, but if you smile often, you’re far more likely to get promoted at work – or land that job. It’s all about the interpersonal connection that smiling brings, and the positive personality traits that are associated with smiling. Do you want to boost your self-confidence even more? Learn more about latest smile makeover techniques.

9. Look younger

Forget about botox. All it does is set your face in an unappealing rictus that alienates others. But when you smile, all those lines and wrinkles hide behind your smile. Your eyes crinkle up delightfully, and you actually look younger.

10. Life is good – let’s appreciate it

Try feeling negative about just about anything when you’ve got a real smile on your face – it simply can’t be done. So when times get tough, find a reason to smile, or just smile until it turns genuine. Staying positive helps us to live longer, happier lives, and your smile is there to help you.

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