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How to Search for a Dentist in Surrey, BC?

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How to Search for a Dentist in Surrey, BC?

Searching for a new dentist is not an easy task and therefore you should not rush it. There are several aspects you should consider while searching for a dentist in order to make sure you will find a perfect dental professional that will suit your needs. Learn how to find a Surrey dentist and do not wait till a dental emergency arise!

Factors to consider


Location of a dental office is usually one of the primary factors which you will consider. Make sure that the dental office is close and easily accessible from your home or your workplace. That will ensure you will not be late for your dental appointment nor you will spend a lot of time going to see your Surrey dentist. In addition to that you will lose an excuse why you do not want to have a regular check-up done! The easiest way to look for a dentist that is close to you is to search in your neighborhood. Whether you are looking for a dentist Fleetwood or a dentist Newton; our friendly dentists from Green Apple Dental will be thrilled to make you a part of our dental family.

Office Hours and Scheduling

Do the opening hours fit in your work & personal schedule? Some dental centres offer extended hours and weekend appointments. So if you work 9-5 job you might want to check the availability of extended opening hours and/or weekend appointments first before you choose your new dentist! Another factor to consider is scheduling. It can be phone call, email, request form or more and more popular online booking. The biggest advantage of the online booking is that you can schedule your appointment online 24/7 plus you can see the dentist availability in real time. You can check online scheduling that Green Apple Dental offers to its new & existing patients!

Dental procedure you are interested in

What type of a dental procedure are you interested in? Some dental offices specialize in cosmetic dentistry that means procedures such as dental implants, Invisalign, teeth whiteningsmile makeovers or dental veneers others in general dentistry or for example in endodontics (root canal therapy).

Personal Comfort

Being comfortable with your dentist and the staff at the office is another important factor to think about. Is the dentist friendly? Does your Surrey dentist take his/her time to hear your problems and answer all of the questions? Is the place clean and the atmosphere welcoming?

Insurance accepted and cost of the procedure

Does the dental office accept your insurance? Is the specific dental procedure in your dental plan? What are the payment options? Does the dental office bill the insurance company directly or do you have to pay upfront and get reimbursed later?

How and Where to search for a Surrey dentist?


The most trusted source of referrals is your family, friends and colleagues. Ask them about their Surrey dentist, how they are satisfied with a dental care they receive or whether their dentist is accepting new patients. Dental offices also sometimes offer incentives for referrals so your friend might get something in return for referring you!

Search Online

Searching for a Surrey dentist online is fast and convenient way of finding a good dentist in your area.

  • Go to google.ca and search for a dentist + location (city or neighborhood). For example dentist Fleetwood or dentist Newton.
  • Look at the local results, read reviews and visit dental websites to learn more about the business.
  • Read dentist’s bio, learn more about services they provide, payment options they offer or the insurance they accept.
  • Book your appointment. Call, email, request form or very convenient online booking 24/7!

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