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Why is Oral Hygiene So Important?

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Why is Oral Hygiene So Important?

If you were asked by your family Surrey dentist whether or not you would like to keep your teeth, how would you answer that? It’s a rather unnecessary question, isn’t it? And yet some people don’t realize that the future of our teeth is directly related to our oral hygiene routine. So even the live-in-the-now type of person needs to recognize the importance of taking care of our mouths. Otherwise, it could cost a lot of money, time and heartache in the future.

Your Daily Routine

teeth brushing

We’ve all heard it before – brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every day. These seem like simple things, but many people don’t actually do this, or if they do it’s not done properly. The mouth is a breeding ground for different bacteria, and by brushing and flossing every day we are preventing tooth loss and decay. Think about it: preventative care could potentially save you money, time and unnecessary pain.

So do a quick evaluation of your personal oral hygiene routine. Do you brush and floss your teeth every day? Do you use dental products that contain fluoride? Is your toothbrush small enough with soft bristles to ensure that the hard-to-reach places are cleaned too? Do you replace your toothbrush every 3 months?

These may seem like small things, but that doesn’t mean that they are less important – if anything, they are more important.

Dental Diseases and Overall Health

Oral Hygiene is aimed at protecting and saving your teeth. A scary statistic states that more than half of adults around the world suffer from some form of periodontal disease. And what is one of the only things that can prevent it? Yes, you guessed it: Oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing daily gets rid of bacteria that could potentially cause serious harm. Having plaque on your teeth is the first step to tooth decay and tooth loss. Regular dental visits are also very important, as your dentist will know the signs and symptoms far better than you ever could.

Your dentist or oral hygienist can also help you identify any areas in your oral hygiene routine where you might be lacking. Often as we get older, we feel that we don’t need to see the dentist unless we have a problem which we cannot fix ourselves. However, our dentist can help protect and guard our teeth of serious illnesses.

The idea is that every time you brush your teeth (which should be at least twice a day), you should see the bigger picture. There should be a good understanding why oral hygiene is so important. Remember, oral hygiene includes both day-to-day care, as well as regular dentist visit and checkups. Make your teeth a priority now and you will be grateful in the future.

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