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Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

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Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

We see them in the movies, on billboards and in magazines, flashing their superstar smiles and their perfect, white teeth. We know our teeth are far from perfect, and as a result, we become self-conscious and lose confidence, especially in social situations. But do not worry! Your local cosmetic dentist in Surrey, BC can help!

Increasingly, the medical and dental professions are recognizing the importance of cosmetic procedures to enhance confidence, thereby improving quality of life. As patients begin to realize that nobody is going to laugh at them or point fingers when they ask for a cosmetic procedure, dentists find that they are being approached all the more frequently for the following popular cosmetic dentistry techniques:

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

Inlays or Onlays

Inlays & Onlays - cosmetic dentistry

Porcelain or composite inlays or onlays can be used to repair damage to teeth or reshape teeth. Inlays are set into the tooth, while onlays are attached to the surface of the tooth. Either way, they are custom-made for a perfect fit and are carefully colour-matched so that the repairs are completely invisible. Advances in adhesives technology have helped to make inlays last much longer than they used to in the past.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding

Composite bonding is suitable for both the repair of damaged teeth and for cosmetic touch-ups that just make us feel better about the way we look. Unlike inlays and onlays which are made in a dental lab before being applied, composite bonding techniques are performed directly on your teeth in the dentist’s surgery. The composite is spread onto the teeth and is then shaped and cured using high intensity light. Colour is also carefully adjusted for a perfect match so that your dental work is completely invisible. Contact your trusted cosmetic dentistry specialist for more details.


Popular cosmetic dentistry procedure - teeth whitening

Stained teeth make us feel very uncomfortable about our smiles, so tooth whitening is an example of a procedure that is performed for purely aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic dentists are able to whiten teeth after as little as one visit without damaging tooth enamel or gums. Coffee, tea or red wine, and smoking are common culprits that cause stained teeth, and the procedure usually has to be repeated from time to time to keep teeth white and sparkling.


Porcelain veneers

Veneers are used for a number of reasons. For example, some people have permanently discolored tooth enamel, which means that conventional whitening won’t work. Some people also choose veneers to make their teeth seem straighter or to conceal gaps in their teeth. Veneers can be made from porcelain or from composites and are also used to repair chips and cracks.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be replaced in a number of ways, but dental implants are among the most popular methods, since they eliminate the need for cumbersome dentures and look completely natural. The tooth is attached to an artificial ‘root’, and apart from keeping your smile looking good, help to prevent the slightly haggard look we acquire when our faces begin to collapse inwards owing to the loss of back teeth.

Full smile makeovers

Smile Makeover

Full smile makeovers usually involve the use of a variety of techniques to improve the appearance of your smile. For example, veneers may be combined with sculpting of gums and tooth whitening depending on the results of your assessment.

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