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How to Prevent Gum Disease

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How to Prevent Gum Disease

Most people know that they need to take care of their teeth – but few people are aware of the importance of healthy gums. Besides being very uncomfortable, gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth and can weaken your jawbone. In this article, we’ll look at ways to prevent gum disease. If you’re worried that you may already have an infection, see your dentist as soon as possible. It’s better to go for treatment before a light infection turns into a serious problem that requires surgery to rectify.

Prevention is better than cure. You’ve heard it so many times – but it’s never been truer than it is in oral health. Contrary to popular belief, your dentist is as thrilled as you are when you walk away from a routine check-up with a clean bill of health. It’s our job to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy – repairing problems is second prize.

Brush your Teeth to Save Your Gums

Sneaky bacteria are the cause of tooth decay – and gum disease. Kill two birds with one stone by maintaining your tooth brushing routine. A few minutes in the mornings and evenings is all it takes. And while you’re at it, brush or scrape your tongue to put a double whammy on bacteria. Be sure you’re brushing your teeth correctly, and ask your dentist whether your oral hygiene routine is working.

Yes, You Know it! Floss

Of course, you know that flossing is part of your oral hygiene routine. If you’re not flossing because it seems uncomfortable or because it makes your gums bleed, there might be a deeper problem. Visit your dentist to make sure that you don’t already have gum disease, and ask for advice on how to floss comfortably.

Swish it Away – Don’t Wish it Away

Mouthwash gets rid of loosened plaque and food particles that even the best brushing and flossing routine failed to remove. It takes seconds and can make a big difference to your oral health. Plus, your breath smells great! Get added confidence and extra protection against gum disease the easy way.

Mind You Diet

Processed sugars are responsible for a whole range of health issues, and they start at the point where you ingest sugar – your mouth. When it comes to sugar in your diet, less is always better, but when you do succumb to sinfully delicious treats, chew sugar-free chewing gum afterwards. It will clean up your teeth and protect your gums.

Smoking: Have You Quit Yet?

You know you should quit smoking for the sake of your lungs and heart – you should also do so for the sake of your teeth and gums! Smoking increases the risk of gum disease, stains your teeth, and can cause oral cancers. If you’re struggling to quit, talk to GP. Quit smoking aids have improved a lot in the last decades.

Don’t Wait for Symptoms to Appear

During your six-monthly check-ups, your dentist will check both your teeth and gums. If you do contract gum disease, early intervention will result in an easier, cheaper treatment program and a faster recovery. Remember: we’re here to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Your routine check-up forms part of the healthcare program that helps you to do just that.

By the time you notice symptoms, gum disease may have advanced to the point where surgical intervention is unavoidable. Play it safe and see your dentist for a check-up. Has it been a while since your last one? Make your appointment right now.

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