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Dental Implants

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dental implants

Restore your smile to its natural beauty with dental implants.

Dental implants replace a lost or badly damaged tooth, restoring your ability to eat and speak comfortably, and preventing other teeth from shifting into the gap. Because they look and feel just like regular teeth, dental implants can bring your smile back to its natural beauty.

  • Natural look & feel
  • Just like a real tooth
  • Durable and low maintenance
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Additional Information About Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth, simulating the look and feel of a natural tooth. They consist of a small titanium screw placed in bone, simulating a tooth’s root, and a false tooth (crown) that fits overtop. Installing a dental implant generally requires two appointments: one to install the titanium screw, and one to fit the false tooth on top.

Dental implants restore the function of the lost tooth; they make speaking and eating more comfortable, prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting, and restore the look and feel of your natural smile.

How long do Dental Implants last?

Dental implants are very durable and can last 10 years or more.

Are they easy to care for?

Your dental implant can be cared for just like a real tooth, with regular brushing and flossing.

Will insurance cover dental implants?

Many dental implant cases are covered under dental insurance. Please call the office for additional information regarding your specific insurance plan.

Can I have a tooth extracted and a dental implant placed in one visit?

In some cases, yes.  If there is no infection present and there is enough bone to support the implant we may be able to place an implant and temporary crown at the same visit as your extraction.

Will I be able to feel the dental implant?

No, the dental implant is placed below the gums and in bone.  Once the crown is placed the “tooth” will feel like a natural tooth.

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  • I appreciate how understanding, accommodating, and patient each Staff member is when tending to my elderly mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's. She is now getting the dental care she needs after years of refusing to go to a dentist.

  • Dr. Kooner and her staff are always caring and helpful.  They're always able to put me at ease while getting dental work done. Thank you!

  • I had just moved and as always happens I had a dental emergency. I went online late in the evening requesting to be seen by a Dr. on Saturday.  I received a prompt email the very next morning followed by a phone call.  Gurvinder was awesome and answered all my questions.  1 day later a doctor was taking care of my dental emergency.  Late hours + weekend hours are perfect for me.  I will continue coming here!

  • I have been happy with the care I have received from Green Apple Dental and have recommended them to friends and family.

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