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Dental Surgeries & Other Treatments

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Most people will undergo a dental surgery during their lifetime. Our patient, experienced staff will do their best to ensure your comfort for the smoothest procedure and quickest recovery possible.

Dental Surgeries and Other Treatments

Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth has become cracked, broken, or badly decayed, root canal therapy may be required to save the natural tooth rather than removing it and replacing it with an implant. The affected tooth will look and feel just as it did before it was damaged, and may last a lifetime without re-treatment.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common dental surgeries; almost all patients will go through at least one during their life. If your dentist believes your wisdom teeth are at risk of causing infection, crowding, or decay in your mouth, removal is a safe and simple way of preventing these problems.
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Dental Surgery - Root Canal Treatment
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