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Mercury Free Fillings

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Invisible repair, as if your cavity never existed.

Made of a special tooth-coloured resin, mercury-free or “composite” fillings blend seamlessly with your natural tooth. They are a safe, durable, and visually attractive alternative to traditional mercury amalgam fillings.

  • Natural look & feel
  • Matches your tooth colour perfectly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Repair chips, cracks, and gaps as well as cavities
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Receiving mercury free fillings is much like receiving a traditional mercury amalgam filling. The tooth will first be frozen and cleaned, and any decay will be removed. Your dentist will then apply composite resin that has been matched perfectly to the shade of your tooth. The resin will then be hardened using a special light, and shaped to fit with your other teeth.

Mercury-free fillings adhere very strongly to your natural tooth. Once the filling is complete, the repaired tooth will look and feel almost exactly as it did before.


How long do composite fillings last?

Composite fillings (mercury free fillings) are very durable, and can last 10 years or more.

What are the advantages of Composite fillings?

Composite fillings will look like your natural tooth.  Also, in placing a composite filling there is no exposure to Mercury.

If your composite filling does fracture, usually the entire filling does not need replacement, as opposed to amalgam fillings.  New composite material can be bonded onto the existing filling.

What are the disadvantages of Composite fillings?

If the cavity is deep a composite filling may cause sensitivity that an amalgam filling may not have.  Also, with time composite fillings may pick up stains.  Usually these stains will come off during your cleaning appointment.

Do you provide any warranties on dental work?

Although uncommon, fillings can fracture.  If this happens within 2 years of the filling being placed we will redo it at no charge.

Will my insurance cover composite fillings?

Many insurance plans cover composite fillings. Please call our office for additional information regarding your specific plan.

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  • I appreciate how understanding, accommodating, and patient each Staff member is when tending to my elderly mother, who suffers from Alzheimer's. She is now getting the dental care she needs after years of refusing to go to a dentist.

  • Dr. Kooner and her staff are always caring and helpful.  They're always able to put me at ease while getting dental work done. Thank you!

  • I had just moved and as always happens I had a dental emergency. I went online late in the evening requesting to be seen by a Dr. on Saturday.  I received a prompt email the very next morning followed by a phone call.  Gurvinder was awesome and answered all my questions.  1 day later a doctor was taking care of my dental emergency.  Late hours + weekend hours are perfect for me.  I will continue coming here!

  • I have been happy with the care I have received from Green Apple Dental and have recommended them to friends and family.

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