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When Should I Take My Child to The Dentist for The First Time

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When Should I Take My Child to The Dentist for The First Time

Any parent will agree that having children often comes with a lot of anxiety and fear. Especially with the first child, making decisions in behalf of your baby can be very scary. And when it comes to their health, it is imperative that the correct decision is made. Because we are not all experts on dentistry, it is nice to hear what would be a good option for your child. One of the questions that many parents ask is ‘When do I start taking my child to the local Surrey dentist?’ It is a well-known fact that teaching a child good oral hygiene habits is a vital part of upbringing, but when to start doing this is something that many are not sure of.

The Correct Age

child and the dentist

Taking your child to the dentist after their first birthday is the longest one should wait. The most common rule to follow is to take them at least six months after the sign of their first tooth. This first visit may seem as though it is pointless, but there is more to it than a check-up of the child’s mouth. Granted, those baby teeth that are coming through are not going to be the teeth that your son or daughter will live with for the rest of their life. However, how you take care of the baby teeth will determine how healthy and stable the big teeth will be – and those will hopefully last your child a lifetime.

Why It Is Important

This is a good question to ask, especially when your one-year-old has visited the dentist and it seems that the expert has done no real work. But what is it then that makes this first trip to the dentist so imperative? It is simple: it paves the way for a good dental health future – for both you as a parent, and your child. As mentioned before, most parents are not experts on dental health and no matter how many books you read, you will never be certain that what you are doing is the best thing for your child. In this area, seeing the dentist is a necessity. They can show you what to do to ensure that your child has a good oral hygiene routine, and it will give you the opportunity to ask questions. It is a fact that many adults find a dentist visit to be a little daunting. How important it is to make your child comfortable with his dentist and the staff at the dental office. In this way, when he gets older he may even look forward to his dental appointments instead of fearing them.

When it comes to a child’s first dentist appointment the younger, the better. It is never too soon to make sure that your precious daughter or son is in tip top shape when it comes to his oral hygiene. Your dentist can check that there are no problems developing in the mouth, they can become familiar with your child and at the same time they can fill you in on any oral hygiene tips that you may need as a parent.

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