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Smile Makeover Technique

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Smile Makeover Technique

People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now this statement has some validity. But more often than not, beauty is in the eye of oneself – and that is ultimately all that matters. So, when it comes to our pearly whites – do you have something you would like to change? Could your teeth be slightly straighter, whiter or just overall better? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, almost anything is possible and having a smile makeover is a serious possibility.

The Different Smile Makeover Techniques

cosmetic dentistry

Often a smile makeover will combine more than one cosmetic dentistry technique to achieve the desired result. The desired result being the ultimate goal of the customer, to ensure that they are satisfied in the end.

Some cosmetic dentistry techniques used to fill any missing teeth might include dental implants, dental bridges or partial dentures. When someone has gaps in their teeth, dental veneers can provide a permanent solution. Veneers are fixed to the front of the teeth and have a natural appearance with the correct spacing. Theses thin shells made from porcelain are designed to match the teeth colour and therefore are almost naked to the untrained eye. Nobody wants a missing tooth or gaps between their teeth, so often people will opt for one of these appealing options that many dentists offer.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is another obvious option when it comes to improving the appearance of your teeth. Most people are not 100% satisfied with the colour or their teeth – perhaps they are stained from tobacco, foods or drinks or maybe they have just discoloured over time. Teeth whiteners can be bought over-the-counter and are easy to use. However, they do not always produce the drastic results that people are looking for. In those cases, going to the dentist for a whitening procedure will be more effective. Firstly, your dentist should choose a colour that will compliment your skin tone. After which they will perform in-office teeth whitening, leaving you with a new and improved smile.

Porcelain Veneers and Invisalign

Teeth Straightening

What about the alignment of your teeth? Is it that necessary to your overall appearance? Well it would depend on the situation. Thankfully, if the teeth are only slightly misaligned then it is a quick fix – porcelain veneers or clear Invisalign braces can straighten them up in no time. If the teeth are severely misaligned then it is understandable that the patient would need to undergo a full mouth reconstruction or orthodontic treatment, and this would have to take place before the smile makeover.

Other problems such as tooth shape, cavities, chipped teeth and uneven teeth can also be solved in a smile makeover. As you can see, dentistry nowadays can solve almost any problem. It is remarkable what your dentist can do for you in a smile makeover. Every situation is different, and therefore your makeover will be adjusted so that is perfect for you – achieving the result that you want. Call your dentist today, and start your journey towards your new smile. You will experience a new-found confidence that you had no idea you could have. A new smile; a new you.

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